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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable clinical waste solution in Plymouth? We have what you need. Waste Management Plymouth is an expert team of low-cost clinical waste specialists operating in the Plymouth area.

What is Clinical Waste?

Clinical waste consists of medical or healthcare waste that is potentially hazardous. For this reason it must be disposed of safely and carefully. The Controlled Waste Regulations 1990defines clinical waste as:

“Any waste which consists wholly or partly of human or animal tissue, blood or other body fluids, excretions, drugs or other pharmaceutical products, swabs or dressings, syringes, needles or other sharp instruments, being waste which unless rendered safe may prove hazardous to any person coming into contact with it; and b. any other waste arising from medical, nursing, dental, veterinary, pharmaceutical or similar practice, investigation, treatment, care, teaching or research, or the collection of blood for transfusion, being waste which may cause infection to any person coming into contact with it.”

This can include:

  • ‘Sharps’ – needles, syringes, scalpels and anything that had pierced or has the potential to pierce the skin
  • Sharps contaminated with medicine or blood
  • Blood stained overalls or gloves
  • Cytotoxic Waste
  • Lab Waste
  • Infectious Waste
  • Swabs, bandages or plasters
  • Medicines
  • Anatomical Waste.

Who is affected?

Clinical waste is a type of waste many healthcare organisations and private companies produce large volumes of. However other businesses can produce copious amounts of clinical waste, such as nurseries and nursing homes. Even tattooists and body piercing shops produce clinical waste that needs to be disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations.

Why choose Waste Management Plymouth?

If you have to deal with managing your company’s clinical waste, you already know it can be a bit of a nuisance. At times, it can seem that tedious environmental rules and regulations dictate your waste disposal process every step of the way. One foot wrong could land your business some serious repercussions. At Waste Management Plymotuh, we know you would rather spend your valuable time concentrating on your business. Why not let Waste Management Plymouth take care of your clinical waste? You can be confident that our service is compliant with regulations and protects your ‘Duty of Care.’ Our range of clinical waste bins, bags, containers and units are all NHS and UN approved and are available in the universally recognisable healthcare waste colour code, so you can rest assured that your organisation will be meeting all the proper requirements.

We also offer our clients in Plymouth the flexibility of daily, weekly or fortnightly collections.Our collection team are available 7 days a week in Plymouth and at whatever time suits your business. What’s more – if you select our collection service, we will supply you with a free specialised, waste bin!

It’s not only our collection times that are flexible. Waste Management Plymouth understands that your business needs a quick, easy and economic waste disposal system. That’s why we tailor our service to suit your business’s individual waste stream. We can give you a detailed waste audit completely free of charge to enable us to determine how we can do this. We work with your company to minimise and organise your waste.

If you would like to enquire about any of these services or are in need of some quick and helpful advice, please call 01752 477 310 to speak to our friendly team of waste consultants.
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