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General Waste Collection Plymouth

At Plymouth Waste Management, we can collect and dispose of all your General Waste as part of a cost-effective services. Just call our team today!

In today’s modern, recycling heavy, surroundings General Waste just refers to everything which you can’t dispose of via a separate recycle channel. It is our intention to assist you to reduce the amount of waste you dispose of into a General Waste bin as we can. Not only to reduce the amount you recycle but to save you money too.

How is it gathered?

General waste can be accumulated in bags, wheelie bins, skips and containers of all shapes and sizes. The most famous bins for small to medium websites are the 1100L and 240L wheelie bins. For moderate sizes websites it might make more sense to consider FEL’s and for industrial quantities RORO’s may be more suited.

Dependent on containers and volumes, groups can be set up daily, weekly, fortnightly or on an adhoc basis.

Landfill Tax increase 8 every year. It’s currently 72 per tonne. Typically General Waste will probably be sent to landfill and that’s actually why we’d help you to prevent it. In certain scenarios depending on availability landfill can be prevented by sending General Waste to an RDF facility. Electricity is produced from the heat created.

How much does it cost?

General waste is the most expensive way for your company to dispose of its own rubbish. Present landfill tax is 72 per tonne. We’re one of the very most competitive general waste collection services about, made more so by the fact we’ll enable you to do it less.

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