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Hazardous Waste Plymouth

Plymouth Waste Management can handle all of your hazardous waste and, as we operate an asbestos removal office, we are capable of furnishing containers to store and transport asbestos for disposal and, if demanded, we may also provide an asbestos removal service.

We work across Plymouth with a range of businesses and organisations to ensure that all of their hazardous waste is disposed of as safely and responsible as properly. From clinical waste to fluorescent lighting tubes, we can ensure that all of your hazardous waste is disposed on line with the relevant regulations.

Squander that is harmful to human health or the environment is classed as Hazardous Waste. Our customers in different business sectors use or generate various sorts of dangerous substances. Nonetheless, common ones include compounds, oil and fuels, batteries, adhesives, paints, cleaning and de-greasing agents, pest management goods, electric equipment with dangerous or radioactive components (including refrigerators), and treated lumber.

If you are unsure of what your waste should be classed as or for advice about your hazardous waste, please telephone us on 01752 477 310.

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