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Plymouth Waste Collections

Here at Plymouth Waste Management, we offer authorised collection and disposal of all types of  waste. No matter what your conditions are, the friendly and committed team at Plymouth Waste Management are here to assist. Just call us today!

Our team pride themselves on the safe and environmentally friendly services they provide. We attempt to make our services accountable and sustainable at all times. We also offer  environmentally-friendly and high-quality products for you to purchase, including:

Disposable sacks
Sealing ties
Completely enclosed bag holders

Choose Plymouth Waste Management today for an all-inclusive service. However your waste is compiled, we can provide an intelligent service tailored around your needs. Our experienced team begin by finishing a full audit of your circumstances and demands. We subsequently undertake the following process:

High quality containers are provided, which are suited to every changing waste type
A program for collection is created, in accordance together with the weekly collection of your company waste produce
A comprehensive audit of the waste accumulated is provided
Waste is carried to a designated incinerator site

Each vehicle attributes sealed compartments to effectively keep waste separate from clean stock, satellite tracking and communications technology.

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