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What is weee waste?


Weee stands for waste electrical and electronics, and whatever your business, it’s highly probable you’ll have some. Current regulations define the following as recyclable electronic waste: 


Large racks: microwaves, fridges, dishwashers and cookers.


Small appliances: clocks, toasters and irons.telecommunications and it: telephones, computers and calculators.  


Lighting: including electrical lighting and led electronic 


Tools: lawnmowers, saws and sewing machines.leisure equipment: consoles and gym equipment.


Medical equipment: electronic hospital equipment such as cardiology equipment.alarms and temperature controls: 


Smoke alarms, fire alarms and heating regulators.  


Dispensers: vending machines and coffee machines.


Most products which have a plug in or need a battery. 


Those regulations are expected to be upgraded in 2019. Call 01752 477 310 today to learn more concerning our weee waste disposal services.


Contact our friendly staff to find out how we could help your company save money and reduce your impact on the environment.  Ask a free site audit 


What’s WEEE recycling?


weee recycling is a really specialist part of the recycling and waste industry, and waste provider intends to recycle and reuse as much weee as possible.  Every year in the uk, it’s estimated a staggering 2 million tonnes of weee waste isn’t recycled.  This is bad for the environment as it either goes to landfill or for incineration.  Weee waste may contain hazardous materials and when this occurs, these materials are discharged and pollute the air and ground.the weee directive to increase rates of weee recycling and re-use became european law in 2003.  Those regulations were introduced into the UK in 2006, subsequently made law in january 2014.  The purpose is to reduce the amount of weee waste going straight to landfill. To get our help with meeting your business waste obligations, book your free audit today on 01752 477 310 or email enquiries@waste 


Contact our friendly staff to learn how we could help your company save money and reduce your effect on the environment. It is important whether you’re selling electronic devices or are a company seeking to dispose of your very own electronic waste which you understand your responsibilities.  If you sell electrical goods you need to provide a simple way for your customers to recycle their old or employed digital items. This can be easily accomplished by supplying a take-back provider, waste company will subsequently be available to collect all these items from your shop and recycle them sensibly.  


Special guidance for hazardous weee waste weee recycling is a really expert part of the recycling and waste industry, and here at waste company, we’re proud to say we and our weee recycling partner are experts at it.we have a highly trained staff that can advise you on whether your weee waste is hazardous or not, and also inform you the very best methods to store it before we come to accumulate.  


Disposing of WEEE Plymouth


It’s very important that you don’t attempt to dismantle any electronics on your own, as many things may contain harmful fluids and substances. If you’re expecting to recycle printers, copiers or fax machines remove any additives, additives or pastes.  You are able to leave these in separate clearly labelled containers for waste company hazardous waste collection.  Get in contact with us.


Why should you choose Waste company for your weee squander disposal?

With our weee recycling partner, we are here in order to provide a friendly, reliable and professional service, best suited to your business requirements.  If you’re disposing of electronics and are unsure of your responsibilities, we could provide friendly advice and a tailor made, environmentally friendly solution.  Get in touch today for your free site audit. For more info on any of our additional commercial recycling collection providers or general commercial squander collection services please don’t hesitate to get connected.  Ask a free site audit save money & reduce your ecological impact call 01752 477 310 to get a free no obligation quote

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