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What‌ ‌are‌ ‌clearabee‌ ‌doing‌ ‌for‌ ‌Earth‌ ‌Day?‌ ‌

2020 marks the celebration of modern-day ‘s 50th anniversary: a global event that set out to mobilise the world’s biggest ecological movement, so as to drive transformative change for both the people and Earth.  But in these times of limited movement, this landmark season will see them take over the ‘digital landscape’ instead. The inaugural event in 1970 was organised to protest against the expanding amount of contamination, due to the increasing number of vehicles driven by leaded gas.  Founded by a us senator, a congressmen and also a civil rights activist, the first earth day saw 20 million Americans take to the roads in support of their cause. The hugely influential event saw repercussions all over the world, resulting in the creation of the united states environmental protection agency and the passing of their national environmental education act, the occupational safety and health act and the clean air act.  And their work continues to rise in impact, year upon year.


2,688,209,868 ‘acts of green’ later (which include neighbourhood clean-ups and footprints for its future), this season’s earth day sees a shift in the usual approach where earth afternoon ‘s online presence will empower global discussions, calls to live action, performances and movie lectures. You can visit Earth Day 2020 on april 22 if you would like to observe the ways that you can participate in.  


But what about us?  What are waste businesses doing?


Waste business on Earth Day similarly into the earth day community themselves, waste company thinks of each day as Earth Day and we make every day as green as you can.  Since our infancy in 2013, Waste business has strived to not only be an environmentally friendly company, but to be an environmentally friendly company.our waste removal services proudly operate with an average diversion rate of 95%.  This usually means that wherever possible we make use of the 600 recycling stations across the uk to make sure waste is recycled locally.  Every set is assessed individually to ascertain that it will yield the best gratification charges, from anaerobic digestion for food waste, substances retrieval for bulky items or even a composting facility for green waste. In addition, waste company has field staff operating from over 100 places all around the united kingdom, including leeds, bristol and london.  This usually means that journeys can be kept to a minimum, with a mean of less than 15 miles between jobs.  This, of course, radically reduces the driving involved along with the ecological impact and which isn’t the best bit.


The waste company forests


Waste company has planted two woods since 2018.  Our first woodland carbon project is located in nether kidston: a 10 acre site on a non-intervention native woodland with over 19,674 native broadleaved trees. This reforestation project is expected to cancel over 2,200 tonnes of carbon, provide benefits to local biodiversity and habitat, whilst enhancing the flood mitigation profile of this downstream areas. Sitting involving the west coast mainline and the river leith, waste company’s second forest consists of 12,610 trees sprawled over 6.36 hectares.  This area is largely mixed woodland and is caused by transforming arable land into sustainable forestry, boasting not only significant water quality but also flood mitigation benefits. Situated from the croft of penrith, cumbria, our next forest is expected to create 2,535 tonnes of co2.  Waste organization is dedicated to planting thousands of trees every year, although continuing to considerably offset more carbon compared to our operations. Waste company’s green (and purple) fleet not only are offsetting our carbon usage, but we’re also continually striving to reduce the size of our carbon footprint in the first instance.  Our Birmingham head office isn’t only punctuated with plant life, but also functions only on renewable energy. Our bespoke aluminium chassis vehicles create less co2 emissions due to their decreased weight.  That the British-made hdx chassis is the lightest available in the industry and as most of our vehicles are euro 6 compliant, so they reduce damaging pollutants from vehicle exhausts, especially nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter. 


Plus, they seem pretty cool too. Our collection paths are further optimised via our bespoke ai-powered routing platform, whilst our drivers have been assisted via real-time driver behaviour tracking.  This motivates them to drive as safely as environmentally friendly as addition to the above, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make our waste elimination, skip hire and skip bag services as eco friendly as you can.  So, though it feels like cheating a little, this is what waste businesses are doing for earth day this season and each year.  


Happy Earth Day, everybody.

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